Description: The Assembly of Iron, otherwise known as The Iron Council is a very unique encounter similar to the bug trio back in AQ40! The difficulty of this encounter is determined by the order you kill the council members in. Killing Stormcaller Brundir last is the easiest version of the encounter and has no additional loot, killing Runemaster Molgiem last is considered medium difficulty, the only additional loot you will recieve is the Archivum Data Disc, which starts the questline to unlock Algalon the Observer. Finally, killing Steelbreaker last is considered the true hard mode, extra loot includes a Data Disc and an additional item (ilevel 239).

The only challenging part of this encounter is killing Steelbreaker last. When Brundir and Molgiem are both dead Steelbreaker will begin casting Overwhelming Power on whoever is tanking him, this ability will cause the target to die in 30 seconds, but during that time the target will do 200% more damage, this is very similar to Vaelastrasz's Burning Adrenaline. Once the tank dies from this ability, Steelbreaker will heal for 20% of his life (2 million HP) and gain 25% additional damage. Not only is he hitting the tank, but his High Voltage aura is also hitting the rest of the raid, which also increases in damage.